How Self-Storage Can Help Your Renovation Project

Whether renovations are done by a contractor or by a home owner, the contents of the house are likely to be in the way or are at risk of being damaged by the renovation operations. Dust and paint can damage furniture and electronics. Using the garage for storage may not be a viable solution. Self storage offers a clean safe alternative to shuffling furniture and vulnerable items from room to room. Items which are sensitive to temperature changes can be stored in a temperature controlled environment, usually at a small premium above the cost of unheated storage unit.

Self storage should be considered as an important component of any home renovation project at the planning stage. Determine the items you need to store and contact a self storage centre. The knowledgeable staff at StoreSmart Self Storage in Red Deer, Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Cochrane and Canmore can determine the size and type of storage unit you will need.

When choosing a self-storage centre ask what the terms of the rental agreement are. Many self storage facilities work on a first-of-the month system, whereby you will be billed on the 1st of each month and will not qualify for a rent refund if you move out in the middle of a month. This means that you could be paying for a lot of storage that you didn’t need and never used at the end of the day. Other self-storage facilities will only refund your unused days if you move-out before the 15th of each month. At StoreSmart Self Storage, by comparison, we like to make things easy. Your month starts on the day that you move-in, and that becomes your monthly anniversary billing date – this avoids the complication of a pro-rated payment when you first move in. Then, when you are ready to vacate, provided you give us the required one month’s notice, we will always refund any and all unused days, right on the spot, regardless of where you are in your monthly anniversary billing cycle. As Tom Waits said “The large print giveth and the fine print taketh away”. This flexibility is especially important given the uncertainty inherent in the time required to complete a renovation project.

StoreSmart Self-Storage in Red Deer, Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Cochrane and Canmore offer U-Haul rental trucks to transport your furniture etc. from your home to the self storage unit. Our self-storage facilities in Red Deer and Cochrane also offer U-Haul trailer rentals to transport your possessions from your home to your storage unit.

StoreSmart Self Storage provides self storage in Red Deer, Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Cochrane and Canmore for home owners who are undertaking renovation projects.

StoreSmart Self Storage in Red Deer, Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Cochrane and Canmore also sells moving boxes and other packing supplies to make moving your items into storage more convenient.