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Box - 1.0 Cube Box - Edmonton

Book Box

Ideal for books and heavier items.
12" x 12" x 12" (W x L x H), 1.0 cu/ft

Box - 1.5 Cube Small - Edmonton

Small Box

Ideal for small appliances and sheet sets. Has handles for easy lifting.
16-3/8" x 12-5/8" x 12-5/8" (W x L x H), 1.5 cu/ft

Box - 3.0 Cube Medium - Edmonton

Medium Box

Ideal for smaller household items and toys. Has handles for easy lifting.
18" x 18" x 16" (W x L x H), 3.0 cu/ft.

Box - 4.5 Cube Large -  Edmonton

Large Box

Ideal for larger, lighterweight items like board games, speakers, etc.
18" x 18" x 24" (W x L x H), 4.5 cu/ft.

Box - 6.0 Cube Extra Large - Edmonton

Extra Large Box

Ideal for bulky, lightweight items like comforters, towels and pillows.
24" x 18" x 24" (W x L x H), 6.0 cu/ft.

Box - Wardrobe Small - Edmonton

Small Wardrobe Box

Great for hanging shorter items like shirts, blazers, jackets. Includes wardrobe bar that will hang up to 2 feet of closet space.
24” x 20” x 34” (W x L x H).

Box - Wardrobe Large - Edmonton

Large Wardrobe Box

Ideal for hanging dresses and longer items like long coats. Includes wardrobe bar that will hang up to 2 feet of closet space.
24" x 21" x 48" (W x L x H)

Box - Dish/Glass Saver Box Only - Edmonton

Dish/Glass Saver Box

Box dimensions are 24-1/8" × 12" × 11". Comes with side handles for easy lifting. Box is included with the Dishsaver or Glass Pack kits, or may be purchased on its own.

Box - Sport Utility - Edmonton

Sport Utility Box

Ideal for golf clubs, tents and vacuums.
15” x 15” x 48” (W x L x H), 6.25 cu/ft.

Kit - Picture Packer - Edmonton

Picture Packer Kit

Four foam corners with strapping kit. Can be used with the Large Mirror/Picture Box or on its own.
Works with frames up to 2.2” thick.

Box - Electronics - Edmonton

Electronics Box

Great for DVD players and gaming consoles.
20” x 20” x 12” (W x L x H), 2.8 cu/ft.

Box - File Letter - Edmonton

File Box

The perfect box for letter size files. Comes with handles for easy lifting.
15" x 12" x 10" (W x L x H), 1.0 cu/ft.

Box - Picture/Mirror 4 PC - Edmonton

4-Piece Picture/Mirror Box

Fully adjustable box. Can accommodate pictures/mirrors up to 40" × 60" × 3-1/2".

Box - Mirror/Picture Small - Edmonton

Mirror/Picture (Small)

Box dimensions are 37" × 4" × 27" (2.3 cu/ft)

Box - Lamp - Edmonton

Lamp Box

Great for lamps and oddly-shaped, taller, items including plants. 12” x 12” x 40” (W x L x H), 3.3 cu/ft.

Box - Mirror/Picture Large - Edmonton

Mirror/Picture (Large)

Box dimensions are 48-1/4" × 4-5/16" × 32-11/16" (3.7 cu/ft)

Cell Kit for Dish Barrel Box - Edmonton

Cell Kit for Dish Barrel Box

Cell divider kit for dish barrel box. Box sold separately. Holds up to 16 place settings.

Box - Dish Barrel Box Only - Edmonton

Dish Barrel Box

Double-walled box for dishware/glassware. Cell kit sold separately.
18” x 18” x 28” (W x L x H), 5.3 cu/ft.

Kit - Flat Panel TV - Edmonton

Flat Panel TV Box Kit

The best way to protect your flat screen TV while you move! Heavy duty, double-walled, adjustable box that will fit most flatscreen TVs between 32" and 70" (measured diagonally). Kit includes foam inserts to cushion your TV inside the box. Box also has handles for easy lifting.
36.5” x 6” x 40” (W x L x H)