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Moving & Storage Aids

Bubble Corners - Red Deer

Bubble Corners

Pack of 16. Dimensions of individual, adhesive, corners are 8" x 8" x 11.3". Great for protecting pictures, furniture, and artwork.

UH - Hitch, 3 1/2

2" Towing Starter Kit

Kit includes 2" ball, 5/8" pin and clip, and 3-1/2" ball mount drop. Weight capacity is 7,500 lbs.
UH - 2

Hitch Ball

2" hitch ball. 1" diameter shank. Shank length is 3-1/4". Weight capacity is 7,500 lbs.

UH - Ball MT - 2 1/4

Ball Mount

Ball mount for 2" receivers. 2-1/4" drop. 7-1/2" in length. 1" ball hole size. Weight rating is 7,500 lb. with a 750 lb. tongue weight.

UH - Trailer Wiring Tester - Red Deer

Trailer Wiring/Light Tester

4-way flat tester checks taillights and right and left turn functions.

Elastic Straps - Assorted - Red Deer

Elastic Straps

Assorted bungee cords.

Utility Knife - Red Deer

Utility Knife

Small utility knife. Compact and easy to use.

Rope - Nylon - Red Deer

Nylon Rope

Nylon, tested to 450 lbs strength. 3/16" x 50'.

Rope - Sisal - Red Deer

Sisal Rope

Resists stretching or degrading after exposure to heat and sunlight. 1/4" x 50'.

Moving Harness Set - Red Deer

Moving Harness Set

Value pack includes 2 harnesess and 2 forearm forklifts.

Utility Knife W/ Markers - Red Deer

Marker with Utility Knife

Includes 2 makers and utility knife for easy labelling and packing.

Forklift - Extension - Red Deer

Forearm Forklift Extension

Extends the length of your forearm forklift straps by 3.5 feet.

Forearm Forklift - Red Deer

Forearm Forklift

Lifting strap system that can carry loads of up to 700 lbs. Includes 2 straps, each 3" wide by 9'5" long.

Carpet Film Protector - Red Deer

Carpet Film Protector

Protective film that self-adheres to your carpets to protect against foot traffic while moving or renovating. Each roll is 24" wide by 50' in length.

UH - Adapter (7 Round-4 Flat) - Red Deer

Trailer Wiring Adapter (7 Round to 4 Flat)

This adaptor converts a 7-way round trailer connection to 4 way-flat connection and plugs directly into the trailer.

UH - Hitch Pin/Clip (5/8

Hitch Pin and Clip (5/8" Diameter)

5/8" diameter. Fits Class 3 receiver-style hitches.

UH - Hitch Pin/Clip (1/2

Hitch Pin and Clip (1/2" Diameter)

1/2" diameter. Fits Class 1 and 2 receiver-style hitches.

Elastic Straps - Spider - Red Deer

Elastic Spider Straps

8 way spider bungee cord.

Gloves - Moving - Red Deer


Heavy duty canvass gloves with rubberized black dot pattern for easy-gripping.

Tie-Down - Ratchet 2 Pak - Red Deer

Ratchet Straps - Two Pack

Tie downs are each 6' in length, 1" in width and have a load limit of 600 lbs. Tie-downs come with hooks at the ends for easy fastening.

UH - Hitch, 2 1/4

2" Towing Starter Kit

Kit includes 2" ball, 5/8" pin and clip, and 2-1/4" ball mount drop. Weight capacity is 7,500 lbs.
Moving Labels -  Red Deer

Moving Labels

Each package includes a total of 70 labels including labels for bedroom, kitchen, fragile, storage, dining room, living room, family room, bath, open first and office.