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Tape - Clear, Poly - Red Deer

Packaging Tape (Poly)

Light duty tape ideal for packaging or mailing.
Fits U-Haul tape dispenser.
2" x 55 yards.

Tape - Clear, Acrylic (AT) - Red Deer

Moving Tape (Acrylic)

Heavy duty tape ideal for moving, shipping and storage.
Fits U-Haul tape dispenser.
2.5mil, 1.9" X 55 yards.

Tape - Shipping - Red Deer

Shipping Tape

1 3/4” x 60 yards. Perfect for shipping. Fits the U-Haul tape dispenser. 100 lbs tensile strength.

Tape - Brown, 55 Yards - Red Deer

Brown Packaging Tape

Tears easily by hand and is self-sticking (no water needed).
2" x 55 yards.

Tape Gun Dispenser - Red Deer

Tape Gun Dispenser

Quickly seal any box.
Fully assembled, fits all U-Haul tape rolls.