Save On Your Move!

  • Save up to $65 on your move!
  • StoreSmart Self-Storage will pay your daily rental fee (that's up to $39.95 in value)!
  • We'll also throw in $20 in mileage (that's about 30 kilometres completely free of charge)!
  • We'll even pay the environmental fees and GST!
  • Please remember that you are responsible for any gas you use and must refuel the truck to its original fuel level.
  • Should you choose to take it, you are also responsible for paying for the collision damage (insurance).

Free Move-In Truck Terms

  • Available at select locations and on select unit sizes only.
  • Subject to truck availability.
  • Your free truck is available for up to a maximum of one 24-hour period.
  • Your free truck may only be used locally and must be returned to its original pick up location.
  • To qualify for the free truck, you are required to prepay your first two months' storage unit rental.
  • Any extra charges incurred will be charged to you.
  • How big is the truck? We will do our best to fit you with a truck that suits your needs and the size of storage unit you are moving into (subject to availability).
  • Other standard rental conditions apply, such as proper documentation, driver’s license, and truck deposit, so see store manager for details.