Rotating your items throughout the seasons will ensure you make the most economical use of your home storage and keep things uncluttered. You’ll love the extra space in your house!

  • winter

    Winter Items

    • Store all your holiday decorations, ornaments, lights and seasonal items.
    • Keep your snowboards, skis, heavy snow boots, snowmobiles, sleds and winter gear safe and sound in storage during the off season.
    • Consider a heated unit during the cold Canadian winters. Heated units maintain a steady temperature. This insulates your things from the damage of cold weather. The enclosed environment of these buildings can also provide increased protection from dust, dirt and wet weather.
  • spring

    Spring Items

    • Store the landscaping and gardening equipment you won’t need throughout the summer.
  • summer

    Summer Items

    • Keep your home clutter-free by storing patio furniture and cushions, water toys, camping gear, grills, and sporting equipment when the summer ends.
  • fall

    Fall Items

    • Once all the leaves are off the trees you won’t need your rakes, lawn and leaf blowers anymore. Put them all in storage and ensure there’s lots of room in your garage for your car.